Denim Tears Is Partnering Up With Levi’s For A Collaboration Centered Around Black America

It’s obvious we now live in a society where fashion isn’t only “fashion” … It’s much more, it’s a new generation of consumers that are fully aware of marginalization and discrimination just as they are to streetwear. Social media serves as the platform for most of these cultural conversations – and major brands have been forced to reconsider their strategies. Tremaine Emory, better known as Denim Tears has always been a proponent of telling the stories of his African ancestors and the ancestors of many other American citizens alike whom have been oppressed throughout time. When Levi’s approached the Tremaine to collaborate on a capsule collection, he felt it would be the perfect opportunity to display the work he’d been doing with wreaths of cotton onto vintage cotton denims. Accompanying the capsule collection is a 40 minute documentary directed by Tremaine and his father, which features Tremaine visiting the eldest living member of his family, 93 year old Eliza Emory, as Tremaine takes time to break down the meaning behind his capsule collection with Levi’s which launches with a series of pop-ups (25 January in Los Angeles, 1 February in New York, 2 February in Atlanta, 8 February in London) and at on 9 February, comprised of a wide-brimmed “plantation hats”, modelled after those his ancestors wore in the fields, trucker jackets, and classic 501s each printed with his wreath iconography as previously mentioned. The 38 year old creative told Vogue

“For the 400-year anniversary of slavery, The New York Times did this amazing series of podcasts – but how many 16-year-olds are reading The New York Times?, We need to find new modes of conversation, new ways to send smoke signals about old stories – and these aren’t just black stories, they’re human stories, American stories. If you go to a therapist, the first thing they’re going to ask you is: What was your childhood like? So: What was the childhood of America? Understanding that is going to help us understand and fix what’s going on now.”

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