Sony Unveils The Official PlayStation 5 Logo

At CES 2020, Sony shared a quick update on the PlayStation brand. ⁣Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, took to the stage to talk about PlayStation where he revealed the new PlayStation 5 logo, Just like the PlayStation 4 logo, but this new logo obviously replaces the 4 with a 5. Jim Ryan also shared a list of hardware features that the PlayStation 5 will be focusing on like Ray Tracing, UHD Blu-Ray, 3D Audio Sound, Ultra-High-Speed SSD, Haptics/Adaptive Trigger, all of which have been mentioned in the past.⁣
⁣That’s it for the PlayStation 5 news, though Jim Ryan did note that Sony would be sharing more in the months ahead. In other PlayStation news, updated sales figures were released for the PlayStation 4, as well its games and peripherals.⁣ Over 106 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold, up from 102 million a couple of months ago. The PlayStation VR is up to 5 million units sold, while over 1.15 billion games have been sold. There’s also 103 million active monthly users on PlayStation Network, 38 million of which are PlayStation Plus subscribers.⁣ Stay tuned for more information on soon

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