Kanye West’s 2013 Album ‘Yeezus’ Was Originally Going To Be Named ‘Thank God For Drugs’

Joe Perez, frequent collaborator and friend of Kanye West has now officially confirmed that 2013 ‘Yeezus’ album by Kanye West was originally going to be named ‘Thank God For Drugs.’ Perez has launched a instagram under the handle opt_archive solely dedicated to his archived design work over the years, posting earlier today “3.2.2013 – Pre-Yeezus gif concepts – Round 2. Before naming the album Yeezus, the title was “Thank God For Drugs” and featured artwork by [George Condo]. Creative Direction for Donda: [Virgil Abloh],” he wrote, sharing a GIF of cover art similar to the final Yeezus design work viewable below.


Along with sharing the news of the “Pre-Yeezus” album title Joe Perez also shared that the initial name of the tour was to be “Til Death Do Us Part”

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