Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Has Passed Away At 77 Years Old

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern has passed away at 77 years old as a result of a brain hemorrhage he suffered 3 weeks ago. Stern was Commissioner from 1984 until 2014, Widely regarded as the most successful period in NBA history. David shepherded the league into the global market, helping expand the game on the backbone of the NBA’s star players, highlighted by the Dream Team’s impact at the 1992 Olympics. The NBA as a whole grew under Stern. Seven teams joined the league, while six relocated. Another fact that many don’t bring up when speaking on Stern’s many accolades is the tremendously large role he played in the creation of the WNBA, which had its inaugural season in 1997. Stern was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame in 2014.

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