Colette Mon Amour, A Documentary Of The Days Leading Up To The Parisian Boutique’s Closing

It came as a shock to everyone back in 2017 when Parisian boutique Colette, owned by Sarah Andelman suddenly closed. Known for their minimal logo featuring two blue dots, exclusive launches of high end brands and overall quality performance/care from Sarah and her employees, the boutique closing was a sad day in fashion history and resulted in a huge void that could never be filled. Today it has been announced that a new documentary, Colette Mon Amour will be releasing soon. The documentary, directed by Hugues Lawson-Body will provide an inside look to the weeks leading up to the historic Parisian retail space closing, exclusive interviews from Virgil Abloh, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, and more whom all shared historic moments with Sarah and the boutique. Be on the lookout for Colette Mon Amour’s release in 2020.

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