Billboard Is Changing The Rules To Their Album Charts

Starting January 3, 2020 Billboard will be changing the rules to their album charts. The reason for enacting the change to the rules is solely centered around the age-old “album bundle” sales strategy for musicians. Although the strategy has been utilized for some time, in recent years it has drawn much criticism like never before. Late last year, the explosion of Nicki Minaj stating Travis Scott’s Grammy Nominated ‘Astroworld’ had conquered the Billboard number one spot due to him “selling merch” added fuel to the fire causing many to call for a rule switch claiming artists merchandise shouldn’t have direct correlation to their album sales. In 2019 thanks in-part to bundling efforts such as (ticket bundle, merchandise bundle or both, artist Kanye West, Celine Dion, Post Malone, Jonas Brothers, Billie Eillish, Tyler, the Creator, Madonna, Ariana Grande topped the album charts. Billboard issued a statement earlier today saying

“Moving forward, in order for an album sale to be counted as part of a merchandise/album bundle, all the items in the bundle must also be available for purchase concurrently and individually on the same website. In addition, the merchandise item sold on its own will have to be priced lower than the bundle which includes both the merchandise and the album. Further, merchandise bundles can only be sold in an artist’s official direct-to-consumer web store and not via third-party sites


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