Vonsensei Releases New Single Overwhelming

Virginia artist Vonsensei has released a new single titled ‘Overwhelming’. The song is his first release in over a year after his last project ‘Senseition’. Unlike the love songs he usually sings about, Vonsensei sings about the end of a relationship and losing love, a subject the singer has never sang about before. On his Instagram he writes “There’s this narrative on love that’s all happiness and joy but there’s a dark side. There’s a side where you can love someone and fall out of love. There’s love that pushes you, bends you, and ultimately changes you. I decided to sing about this love in a record about a relationship that’s reached it end.” The track is produced by Ethan Polk Trauman, EPT for short who also produced perhaps one of his best records ‘Lovely’. Listen to the record here.


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