Apple Music adding a new year-in-review feature

As reported by Tech Crunch earlier this year, similar to it’s counterpart Spotify, Apple Music has launched a new year-in-review feature. Starting today you can now access your own Apple Music “Replay” playlist. The playlist not only allow you to access your 2019 playlist but all of your previous year’s playlist also dating back to 2015. The feature is continuously updated and can be accessed year round.

We spoke with ‘I Am Not A Genius’ podcast host Marc Cameron to get his thoughts on the new feature and he said

“Spotify FINALLY gets to stop having all the fun! After years, Apple Music has answered the year-in-review prayers with “Replay”, an official breakdown of all your favorite moments in music from 2019. Your favorite artist, top 10 albums and top 100 songs are all provided by the Apple Music team, along with a nostalgic revisit to your 2015-2018 favorites”

Want to know your favorites, check out your “Replay” here.

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