A Dunk Contest featuring athletes from all sports ?

Earlier this week a video surfaced of a 1992 Foot Locker Slam Fest Dunk Contest featuring some of the most notable athletes of that time from various sports all in one dunk contest. The athletes included MLB’s Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, NFL’s Deion Sanders, Cris Carter along with Legendary track and field star Michael Conley Sr. The video displayed the sheer athleticism of these outstanding athletes with dunks such as Deions one hand slam from a self tossed alley-oop, Cris Carter’s “rock the cradle” and arguably the most impressive, Michael Conley Sr. taking off from the free throw line for a one handed slam. After watching this video it got us thinking if there was to be a dunk contest featuring athletes from any sport in modern time who would be involved ?. We are sure most would argue NFL’s Odell Beckham Jr. based off the sheer athleticism he displays week in and out on the grid iron, Would MLB star Mike Trout be included ? How about arguably the fastest man in the world standing 6’5 Usain Bolt ?

For now all we can do is wonder and hope someone sometime soon brings this past time to the present and we get to see the best athletes from today put their athleticism on display.

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