Skywelkin ‘Airborn’

Skywelkin seems to prove time and time again their insight on more than just art or clothing but the shear ability to translate various creative endeavors directly to the consumer. Skywelkin priding themselves on artistically expressing the meaning behind their creations, This event in particular ‘AIRBORN’ displayed both creativity and a calm ambience for artwork to be displayed at the Corner Gallery located in Norfolk, Virginia.

The climax of the event seen Zeke (Skywelkin CFO) walk four models out of the dressing room onto a centered platform while Derek (Skywelkin) spoke about the models dressed in custom 1 of 1 aviation flight suits containing white paintings of their signature weebies, billows and more. At the conclusion of the garment introduction, Derek announced that the models would remain on the platform for event goers to interact with the garments.

This event garnered immense success and seemed to staple Skywelkin as a company on it’s way to becoming a local, regional and nationally sought after brand.

photography: Will Artis

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