Tyler Perry opens 330-Acre ‘Tyler Perry Studios’

The 50 year old African American male that has cultivated a Hollywood that he told Gayle King on ‘CBS in the morning’ has continuously denied him stating “I clearly believe i’m ignored in Hollywood and that’s fine I get it” opened his 330-acre studio lot located in the heart of Atlanta on the grounds of the historic Fort Mcpherson.

Earlier this year during his acceptance speech of the BET Ultimate Icon award Perry spoke about opening his studio, the placement of his studio being partially fueled by providing children of color with something to look forward to as inspiration growing up and even utilized the now coined phrase “welcome to my table” as a play on the popular term “have a seat at the table.” This past weekend Perry invited the who’s who of Hollywood out to the enormous studio lot for the grand opening, a list which included the likes of Oprah, Colin Kaepernick, Diddy, Jay-Z and many many more notable names. Beyoncé stated that she couldn’t stop shedding tears of joy during the grand opening due to the shear fact of this being the first large scale studio owned by an African American.

The studio as previously mention is 330 Acres, contains 12 sound stages all named after an African American trailblazer, production facilities for Perry’s film/tv projects and even third party studios available for other companies. Tyler Perry studios is larger than major production studios Paramount, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney’s combined. Being on the lookout for new films coming in 2020 solely created at Tyler Perry Studios.

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