Kanye displays love for James Turrell with ‘Jesus Is King’ IMAX poster

Since the inception of his musical career back in the early 2000’s Kanye has prided himself on being an art enthusiast whether it be collecting exclusive artworks from around the globe or his 2007 Graduation album that featured cover artwork from legendary Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami one thing for certain throughout the years is West has been directly in tune with various art forms. Last night Kanye airdropped the poster for his upcoming IMAX film ‘Jesus Is King’ to a packed home crowd of fans in Chicago. The cover art available for viewing below features a solid royal blue background with stairs leading upward towards an oval cutout for a clear sky view. What most don’t know is this image is direct inspiration from 76-year-old American artist James Turrell “Roden Crater,” a cinder cone crater located outside Flagstaff, Arizona.


Earlier this year during his interview with David Letterman Kanye West expressed his appreciation and love for James Turrell’s work and focus on ‘Light and Space’ stating “When I look at his artwork it brings a certain level of peace that is undeniable which is the reason why I decided to be inspired by it and create this theme for our Sunday Service.” as he walked David Letterman around on a tour of the upcoming Sunday Service space admiring the vibrant colors displayed. Born in Los Angeles, California, Turrell is a 76-year-old American artist mostly known for his expositions highlighting light and space. Globally he has set up unique sky viewing stations in England, Jerusalem and Austria to name a few along with opening his very own ‘James Turrell Museum’ at the Bodega Colomé in the Province of Salta, in Argentina back in 2009. Get familiar with Turrell and his artwork here and be on the lookout for Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ IMAX movie directed by long-time collaborator Nick Knight to release October 25th.


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