Skywelkin presents ‘Flavour Day’

Skywelkin throwing an event? The majority of us have seen or attended one before, but this time the Norfolk based company decided to throw an event with jet skis and a beach house with some of the hottest DJs in the area along with taking the time to include alternatives to pork and beef for the health-conscious individuals. The event titled “Flavour Day” primary purpose was to show gratitude for the tremendous support customers have shown over the years said Skywelkin CFO Zeke. The attributes of this event are a rarity all around the board yet the SkyWelkin team brought this vision to life on Labor Day. Emerging as one of the top brands in Virginia and to add to that reputation throwing successful events there is no telling what the true cap is for Skywelkin. Booking the talents of DJ Vega & DJ Jmayy, the tandem created the perfect vibe for a cookout at a beach house. The layout of the pop-up shop and event perfectly executed, creating a laid back yet engaging aesthetic for the event.

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Check out the recap video from “Flavour Day”  here.

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