Is Kanye West using ‘Sunday Service’ to get back in good graces or is he simply doing what he said he’d in a 2013 interview ?

The past two years have been tough for Kanye West fans as most have abandoned the once beloved Chicago native that created classic hip hop albums College Dropout and Late Registration.

Last year Kanye openly supported president Donald Trump, is said to be the key piece that started a hip hop war between Drake and Pusha T, released an album that didn’t live up to what many have come to expect from him and plenty more issues we could name that ultimately led to majority of hip hop fans considering him “Canceled”

This year Kanye has been a bit more subtle in his actions with a bulk of the attention being geared toward his now weekly ‘Sunday Service’ that has attracted the likes of Chris Tucker, Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber and plenty more of the who’s who in Hollywood and Hip Hop alike to come see what most have been calling a “spiritual uplifting environment” where West and his choir led by director Jason White.

With an album set to release many are considering this all a ploy by Kanye to ease his way back into the good graces of the African American community. The speculation of this led us to Kanye Wests 2013 interview on Power 106 Los Angeles where he laid out his 10 year plan/goal which can be viewed here.

After watching the interview where do you stand on Kanye West, Is he really trying to get back in good graces of the African American community or is he just following the path he spoke of 6 years ago ?


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