Shake The Norva

Norfolk based event collective Shake prides themselves on not throwing your traditional “Parties” but throwing uniquely curated events instead. Ask anyone in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and we can guarantee they have been to Shakes Munchie Market, Tales From The Grip, Shakesgivining or any of the other carefully curated events. The list truly goes on and on for the amount of excitement and good times Shake has brought to this area of Virginia but none like their most recent event ‘Shake The Norva.’ At first thought this almost seems like an impossible feat for an event to fill three levels of a venue with three completely different aspects of an event but still hit home to carry out the overall goal of a successful event.


The third level of ‘Shake The Norva’ featured a carefully curated game room where guests were treated to their own minibar, a vast selection of the latest and greatest video games systems have to offer on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation and if that wasn’t enough the third floor also featured three select DJ’s Jon Phenomenon, DJ Sykez, Rylo creating the perfect environment that provides the guest with a feel reminiscent to that of a weekend night at their own home with close friends.


The second level of ‘Shake The Norva’ featured an array of physical art from Norfolk based brand Sky Welkin. With their billows and weebee’s characters on full display via cardboard cutouts, massive paintings, puzzles, the unveiling of brand owner Derek’s first-ever video game stole the show with a game similar to that of the classic angry birds game that took the world by storm  a few years ago however this Skywelkin game features their very own backdrop and fictional characters.


The first floor contained is where the bulk of the action took place with Skywelkin’s clothing available for purchase and food vending from some of the best eateries in Hampton Roads like Nomarama, Highly Flavored and My Mama’s Kitchen. Throughout the night the tone was set by DJ’s Boygirl, Fakeuzumi, Wivve, 1-Hunnered and closed out by arguably the most bubbling DJ in the area right now Vega. As if all of this wasn’t enough the cherry on top was the fact that Atlanta native Reese La Flare came to the event and delivered a high energy 45minute performance performing hit songs, Costa Rica, Goldhouse, Lil Skate For President and two unnamed songs that he guaranteed will be featured on his forthcoming album.



Overall this event was one for the books and we can’t help but expect every event going forward for SHAKE at The Norva or any venue for that matter will be just as amazing.

Photography: Roland Felipe, William Artis, Tyron Boon, Ryan Felipe


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