RARE ART LABS launches on Apple TV

RARE Art Labs prides themselves on innovation in the digital art form. The company founded in 2017 just launched on Apple TV which is a huge feat for any company, we, fortunately, had the chance to catch up with creative director Kevin Trinh to discuss the ends and outs of the Apple TV deal and much more.

TPP: Who are the founders of RARE?

KT: John Zettler (CEO), Kevin Trinh (Creative Director), Matt Russo (Chief Blockchain Engineer)

TPP: What year was RARE it founded?

KT: Summer 2017

TPP: How did the Apple TV App idea come about?

KT: Our customers ask for more ways they can show off and display their collection. The Apple TV app was the perfect evolution.

TPP: What is going to be the added benefits for RARE art owners with the new Apple TV App?

KT: Major benefit is the convenience to browse and show off your works in a much bigger display than your phone or laptop — especially the moving pieces. You can turn your black mirror into a digital art frame without buying anything new.

TPP: What are going to be the added benefits for RARE artists?

KT: This gives artists a new opportunity for their work to be enjoyed outside of a phone or laptop. I think this will also enable artists to create using a new canvas size. Artists usually desire their work to be seen as big as possible so this certainly helps contribute to that goal.

TPP: How does this impact the future of art as a whole going forward?

KT: The future of art is certainly evolving to more digital. By enabling the art to be displayed on bigger screens, which most individuals already have, will help spread and elevate the medium towards fine art.

TPP: What’s next for RARE?

KT: Continue to make the experience smoother and create more value for the collectors, more art, more partnerships!

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