Pop Smoke ‘Welcome To The Party’ Remix featuring Skepta on Tim Westwood TV

Pop Smoke first mainstream mixtape ‘Welcome To The Woo’ recently released and now he has major UK recording artist Skepta on his biggest song Welcome To The Party. It has been a consistent topic since the ascension in popularity of Welcome To The Party that it was reminiscent of a UK “Grime” song which makes this connection even more of a shoe fit being that Skepta is arguably the biggest grime artist in the world. Skepta delivers bars referencing friends A$AP Bari & Playboi Carti along with rapping “It’s a hundred racks when I touch a stage how could I ever get nervous.”

Although this is a MAJOR remix we believe a remix with Pusha T may be on the horizon also. Pusha T’s long time manager and friend Steven Victor is C.E.O. of ‘Victor Victor Worldwide’ which is tagged on all of Pop Smokes records. After realizing that and seeing the instagram video below where Pusha T and Pop Smoke speak on having something on the way we have a feeling it may be another ‘Welcome To The Party Remix’ soon, I mean after all it only makes sense right !?


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