‘Ceramic Tears’ a collaboration between Tremaine Emory and Online Ceramics

We’d venture to say 85% of the people who are tuned into modern streetwear and “culture” currently know who Tremaine Emory is. Better known as Denim Tears, not only do the people who are “tuned in” know who he is but the people who are cultivating that same culture are his friends, I mean after all it’s a normal thing to see him front row at close friend Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton show, Hanging out with Kanye West not only as a friend but as a close advisor and still finding time to focus on his primary creative outlet No Vacancy Inn with friend Acyde. Tremaine has linked up with Los Angeles based clothing company Online Ceramics for a collaboration titled ‘Ceramic Tears’ to release four long sleeves titled in four various color ways featuring an image of Yoko Ono centered on the chest along with Hindu God Shiva printed on the back of the shirt accompanied by what’s recognized as a recycle sign reading Birth, Life, Death. Check out the shirts below and head over to Denimtears.com to purchase.

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