St. Louis native Rahli proves why he might be next up from the midwest in his new visual ‘Perc 30’

St. Louis native Rahli just released the visual for his biggest song to date Perc 30. The video sees Rahli posted up in the hood with his homies and an array of various firearms. Most of your favorite “trap” videos probably contain these same attributes however what sets Rahli apart from most rising street rappers is his unique voice and flow pattern. At first listen you almost think it’s a parody of some sort but about 30 seconds in as you continue to watch the video you’ll find yourself nodding your head in rhythm as he flows effortlessly over the hard-hitting beat especially when he reaches the catchy hook rapping “snoozing like he on perc 30’s” repeatedly. Perc 30, directed by Diego is a must-watch, check it out below now and stay tuned for more Rahli soon.


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