Phora releases new album ‘Bury Me With Dead Roses’

Rap & hip hop artist Phora has released his newest album Bury Me With Dead Roses. Phora has been delivering consistently fire projects since his first EP in 2012 with Still A Kid. In 2017 he signed a major record deal with Warner Bros Records & released his debut studio album Yours Truly Forever. Phora recently released a single off of the project titled The Dream. On Twitter he describes the track with the following tweets “I wrote “The Dream” and put it out because I’ve realized lately the world is crazy, and a lot of real talented people have gone too soon…The message was to live in the NOW, and not wait until it’s too late to tell someone you love them.. don’t wait until someone is dead to give them flowers, because they won’t be here to smell them. Love them NOW. Appreciate them NOW.” These words describe how much soul Phora pours into his body of work and this project is sure to embody that sentiment. Listen to the project here.