Ricky Le is releasing 1 of 1 tote bags designed by himself for others on his birthday

Ricky Le, Born in Richmond, Virginia this young designer has been silently cultivating the “DIY Culture” in both the Hampton Roads and Richmond area of Virginia for the past few years. Today on his 22nd birthday he decided to drop a collection of tote bags from vintage shirts, polos, denim and much more. Ricky works primarily with frequent collaborator of ours RandomObjectGallery as their lead seamstress but this kid has the potential to not only play a major role in propelling ROG to the next level in design but possibly at some point if he chooses to, potentially working for a major fashion house. We caught up with Ricky to discuss his design passion, what inspired him to create totes and much more.

TPP: How long have you been doing cut & sew work ?

RL: “I been cutting and sewing since 11th grade and decided to take it serious my freshman year of college”

TPP: What made you want to create tote bags of all things you could’ve made ?

RL: “I was inspired by all the fabrics I had laying around in my room, I didn’t have enough to make like bottoms/tops. so I wanted to make bags and lately I’ve been fucking with bags they are very reliable to my everyday moves, instead of me searching in my pockets I just put everything in my bag”

TPP: What was the design process like in this collection start to finish ?

RL: “Design process took me two days to sew everything honestly could of done it all one day but I was a little busy with some other projects that are in the process of being completed”

Purchase the totes via Ricky Le DM here now

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