United Talent Agency Buys Into Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports Group

With all the free agency buzz in the NBA, last seasons move of Lebron to the Lakers, this off-seasons move of Anthony Davis to the Lakers and the amazing Sports Illustrated issue that told the story of the 37 year old guru that is Rich Paul, Klutch Sports has been a topic of conversation around the nation not only in sports but as we see proof of today in the entertainment industry as a whole. Founded in 1991 Beverly Hills based United Talent Agency is an agency that practices representation of professionals in the entertainment industry in various fields such as film, television, music, licensing and much more. Today however UTA has decided to get their feet wet in the sporting realm of with New York Times reporting the talent agency has hired the sought after Paul to lead their new sports division. Neither party has released the amount that it took to pull off the deal however Paul did tell New York Times  “nothing changes in terms of how Klutch’s basketball business operates but the investment will enable me to go out and further build Klutch.” Read the entire story on how this all came about here.

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