Earl Mack links up with 83 Futures to reimagine a classic game for a better cause

Richmond, Virginia’s very own Earl Mack is undoubtedly one of the premiere artists not only in Virginia but the entire east coast. We recently featured Earl on Episode 034 of our podcast where we discussed his design aesthetic, growing with art and much more. Today Earl took to Instagram to unveil the project he had been working on over the past few months with 83 Futures, A store set to open July 20th to registered organ donors only. 83 Futures states “Donors can save 8 lives with organs and help heal 75 more with tissues. That’s 83 Futures. So you can cop some collabs from brands like Diamond, Primitive, and Staple while doing something good for the world” via their website.

Already garnering the support of figures such as James Haunt and Jeff Staple, it seems a no brainer that 83 Futures and the ultra-talented Earl Mack would create an amazing collaborative product, Earl and 83 do just that with their unveiling of a 10 Foot creation similar to the classic family board game ‘Operation’ however this version is 10 Feet tall as aforementioned, features a male figure painting by Earl and promotes organ donating to the fullest. We caught up with Earl Mack to discuss the project, check out our conversation below.


TPP: How did the collaboration with 83 Features come about?

EM: 83 Futures reached out to me through email. They hit me with the proposal for the project and told me that they liked my work. The homie Kev gave them my name so shout out to him for that. I thought they had a pretty cool concept and they are also working with Jeff Staples, Diamond, Primitive, 686, and Nychos. I thought it would be cool to have some of my work up at Complexcon next to them.

TPP: Did you play the game ‘Operation’ as a child? 

EM: I definitely played operation as a kid. It was just one of those board games that you just had to play as a kid. I don’t remember if I had it or one of my friends did but I played it a few times. 

TPP: What does it mean to you to be promoting such a positive cause like organ donations via your art? 

EM: I think what 83 Futures are trying to do is a pretty noble cause. Being an organ donor is not something I really think about too much but I am one already. When they reached out to me and explained how many lives you have the potential to impact I wanted to be apart. It’s kind of serious thing because it requires you to die but once I’m dead I don’t really need my organs anymore so hey if I can help someone else out I think that could be a blessing in disguise. 83 Futures and Donate Life America are trying to bring more awareness to the importance of what being an organ donor can have. 

TPP: How excited are you for your artwork to display at such a huge event like Complexcon?

EM: I think it’s pretty cool to have this installation going up at Complexcon. I was at Complexcon 2017 in Long Beach, CA and it was crazy. It was like walking through the Internet in real life. So having this opportunity is pretty cool to have for the portfolio. I’m not gonna be able to be there but I’m still gonna have a presence there. I hope that everyone that comes past the booth F9 will get a chance to checkout the game, cop some dope merch and sign up to become organ donors. And lastly, shout out to The Marin Agency for helping out with this project.

You can check out the project in person if you’re in Chicago and most important if you’re an organ donor on July 20th and 21st at Complexcon.





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