Lamar Odom, Baron Davis, Jermaine O’neal and Bonzi Wells deactivated from Big 3!

It’s no question that the Ice Cube founded Big 3 league has changed quite a bit since its inception two years ago in 2017. The once considered “Retirement” league built for players who are well into NBA retirement but still missed the game has morphed into a competitive league that serves as more of a springboard for players still willing to battle for an NBA roster spot or players just outside of NBA retirement like Royce White, Joe Johnson and many more. Headed into this year’s Big 3 the two most notable names joining were on the same team, Gilbert Arenas and Lamar Odom. Odom, a two-time NBA champion, was attempting to rejuvenate his basketball career following the 2015 incident in which he was found unresponsive after a near-fatal overdose. He made his return to the basketball court in January with a team in the Philippines. This was his first year in the Big 3. In an April Instagram post, Odom, 39, wrote, “The reason I am making a comeback to basketball is because I REFUSE to listen to my fears but instead follow my heart. My heart, telling me that I have to play basketball one more time to show people that you can OVERCOME addiction and LIVE a happy life enjoying the little things.” Leading sports network ESPN cited sources reporting that Odom, O’Neal, Wells, and Davis were deactivated for competitive reasons and not due to off-the-court issues and that Odom was not “up to it from a competitive standpoint.” Although Big 3 league officials issued a statement stating the reasoning they were deactivated this still seemed a bit vague to us “they were deactivated to maximize competition, protect the health of players, and to raise the level of professionalism”. All we can tell you currently is to not expect them on the court soon however we are researching deeper as to just why they were deactivated. Stay tuned for further information soon.

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