A$AP Rocky could face prison time if convicted, What’s the latest ?

It seems everyone now is aware of the fact Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky was arrested and has now been held in a Swedish jail for eight days. Rocky was arrested for what Swedish law enforcement is calling assault after the rapper and three members of his entourage were seen on a TMZ video attacking two men. What wasn’t captured on that same video however it was later released via A$AP Rocky’s instagram was the fact the two men had been following he and his entourage for blocks claiming that Rocky’s entourage broke their headphones. After repeatedly asking them to leave him alone and the two men not complying that’s when the altercation got physical as video shows the Harlem rapper throwing one of the men to the ground and the other then being physically punched and kicked by Rocky’s entourage. On July 2nd Rocky took to instagram to say “I’m Innocent” and shortly thereafter he was arrested by local law enforcement and since has been held in what’s said to be in humane conditions and to make matters worse police are blocking the U.S. Embassy from meeting with Rocky and his team, reportedly a break from usual procedures and definitely a breach of Rocky’s human rights. Two days ago Rocky appealed his detention all the way to Sweden’s highest court, AFP reports. “Unfortunately the Supreme Court rejected our appeal today so Rakim is still detained,” Rocky’s lawyer told Pitchfork in an email. “Now we continue to work with our defense plans.” Currently many of the rappers fans, fellow rappers and supporters have been posting this photo encouraging others to sign the petition on change.org to try and free Rocky. Stay tuned here for forthcoming information.

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