Instagram’s new anti-bullying feature

We are sure many are unfamiliar to who exactly Adam Mosseri is, Well he is the 36 year old New York native and alumni of New York University that is currently the head of Facebook owned social media behemoth Instagram. We all can agree that we have either been the recipients or witnesses of harsh comments and statements on the social media mammoth that is instagram. With instagram currently being the lead social media app on the market and it’s users navigating the app at a younger age globally it has become a huge issue that cyber bullying is taking place and although there is a feature to turn commenting from followers off and to make a personal page private, Instagram is taking it a step further. The latest AI feature on Instagram will ask users if they are sure they want to post prior to posting a comment if it’s considered mean or harsh. When asked about the new feature in a TIME Magazine article Adam Mosseri said the company is willing to make decisions that keep its users safe from online bullying, even if it leads to decreased usage. “We will make decisions that mean people use Instagram less if it keeps people more safe.”

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