Young Crazy Drops ‘Crazo Picasso’

Young Crazy hasn’t dropped an entire project in over a year taking time to complete features with some frequent collaborators, traveling the country to avoid writers block along with going on tour with label mate Bandhunta Izzy. During Episode 042 of our podcast with the Norfolk star he mentioned that fans have been asking him when is he going to drop some music and what is it going to be and Crazy simply said he’d been replying “Paint Music”and Crazo Picasso is precisely that. If you are unfamiliar to what “Paint Music” is, it’s a term that Crazy coined himself where he says the music inspires the ones that came up like he did growing up in the Stoney Point neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia. In typical Young Crazy fashion he keeps the features slim on Crazo Picasso only enlisting up and coming SuperSneakySlime on the fifth track 5.56 along with featuring Virginia Beach native Fi$hskale Rabble on track number four titled 17 (Glocks Don’t Jam). Anyone who is familiar with Young Crazy knows that some of his biggest hits like Molly Talk & Participate have had production from notable producer and frequent collaborator Ready Rock James hailing from Hampton, Virginia he produces First Class & 5.56 on this project which also happen to be our favorite two standout songs. First Class has an amazing intro snippet from an interview where a gentlemen is asked about Picasso’s art and he replies “I think it’s fair to say there was art before Picasso and there will be art after Picasso and it’s not the same it’s completely transformed” Crazy using this quote from an interview shows why he is one of our favorite artist just how witty he is by utilizing the second part of that quote “it’s not the same it’s completely transformed” eluding to the fact that he has taken art and made it native to himself and others similar which in our book solidifies him as one of the best artist to ever come from the Hampton Roads. Take a listen to Crazo Picasso here.

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