Brunetti Wins Trademark Dispute For “FUCT”

Erik Brunetti, A 52 year old New Jersey native who founded “FUCT” a streetwear line in 1990 has won the supreme court case of Lancu v. Brunetti. The entire case began when Brunetti was denied trademark rights of his brand when the trademark office concluded that it was phonetically equivalent to the past tense or past participle of the well-known vulgarity along with considering the name to be disgraceful, offensive, disreputable. Brunetti however would not take no for an answer fighting back arguing that although the brand name can be pronounced to sound like the profane word F*** it can also be pronounced letter by letter F-U-C-T and that it was a breach of his First Amendment rights because the “disfavoring of certain ideas”. Today Brunetti not only won this case for himself but for other brands going forward across the nation as the court canceled the century-old provision of federal law that banned registration of trademarks that were considered “scandalous” or “immoral.”

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