Lil Nas X releases his new EP 7

Lil Nas X has finally released a complete project with his latest 8 song Ep titled 7. The entire project is only 19 minutes and two of the songs on the project are Old Town Road and Old Town Road Remix which is the clear number one song nationally right now with everyone the elderly to elementary school students reciting the words to Old Town Road. With that single song garnering so much praise and attention it raises the question as usual “Is this artist a one hit wonder”, Well Lil Nas X definitely keeps the same charisma throughout his latest project and even taps into what most would consider a “rock & roll” vibe on his tracks F9mily and Bring You Down. As mentioned before Lil Nas X kept the features slim on this project as Billy Ray Cyrus and Cardi B are the only other artist on the project. Take a listen to Lil Nas X 7 here and let us know what you think.

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