Future Releases ‘Save Me’

Still one of largest rappers of the decade Future recently has seemed to be only in the media due to social media rumors/beefs with ex Ciara or the comedic videos he drops occasionally on his social media platforms. Today however the Atlanta native has released what some are already saying is one of his better projects. On his latest Ep Save Me, Future taps into a more emotional side rapping bars about a promiscuous lifestyle while on drugs like ecstasy and “lean” but what makes Future such a special artist is his ability to tie something that is majority frowned upon like drug usage into lyrics about him truly being in an emotional hard spot dealing with women all the while over some of the hardest beats a rap fan could want. One thing that isn’t debatable is the fact Future still has that “IT” factor in his music and doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon with this project proving just that along with an inside source informing us that Future will be releasing another project soon of even greater magnitude with a possible tour. Stay tuned for more but in the meantime stream the full project here.

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