D-Pow Releases ‘Scott Summers’

D-Pow, a hip hop artist by way of Virginia Beach has a way of commanding a room when he enters with his charismatic personality and mainstay reflective “Cyclops Shades”. On his latest 6 track project, D-Pow puts that charisma on full display especially on songs like “Cummin” & “Talk S***” where he catches the listeners ears by delivering lyrics and delving into topics that most artist on their ascension wouldn’t. Somehow though doing the unthinkable seems to be D-Pows niche as previously stated wearing “Cyclops Shades” everywhere he goes that alone shows a certain level of fearlessness and comfortability in himself as an artist which any music lover can appreciate, I mean after all that is the primary reason most music lovers love artist like Young Thug, Kanye West, and J Cole to name a few they have that same confidence and comfortability with who they are and how they conduct themselves. This Scott Summers Ep marks the first project released by D-Pow since almost a year ago when he released Twisted. We had the opportunity to catch up with D-Pow and discuss the differences between Scott Summers and his previous work, inspirations behind Scott Summers, what visuals are coming soon and much more below.

TPP: What makes Scott Summers different from your previous work? 

D-POW: “With this project, I was in a more experienced mindset. I honestly didn’t plan on doing this project. Xavier (Creative Director) was really the main ring leader of it! He told me to handle the music and let him handle everything else, but of course, I’m so hands-on I had say so in everything going on”

TPP: What were some inspirations for this project and how did they translate to the recording process?

D-POW: “I was fresh from my accident when I first started recording/writing these songs. So I was forced to go to the studio, going back to the studio with the mindset I had grown from mixing and mastering my own s*** for like a solid year and some change helped me really craft my sound with my Engineer, Niko Brabham of SoundVision Studios in Norfolk! I was very aggressive while mixing, I was over his shoulder hard, making sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. I became the perfectionist I never thought I would. Having to go back to the studio though, showed me that’s exactly what I needed. I need that to excel my sound, you just can’t beat studio equipment sound! especially when you can’t buy it still (haha). But it also helped show me that I wanted him as my engineer for life. As well as this process teaching me that Xavier would become my creative director/designer. So this process was completely different from Twisted, I was by myself in ATL when I made Twisted. I felt isolated, I mixed and mastered it all myself, and recorded myself, etc. I was alone! One thing my accident taught me is that, people NEED people… whether we wanna accept it or not, we need people. I had so many people willing to invest their time into me with Scott Summers and it SHOWS.”

TPP: You seem to have a new value in the strength of a team why is that? 

D-POW: “WillThaShooter, AdonteIsCool, Xavier Roberts, Sora (Executive Producer), Scholaship & Josiah Snipes(My Manager) were the backbone to me during this process. THEY were the difference. We assembled a team & it made a huge difference” 

TPP: What changed from beginning to end with this project and what did you learn from that process? 

D-POW: “Honestly this project was originally like 8 tracks, Talk S*** won’t even on it! The album was done before I made Talk S***, but that s*** was literally going so crazy I just flipped it all, a lesson i learned from you (Huey) and Rod! I simply put the songs I knew/felt were 110% undeniably HARD on this album. Which reduced it to 5 songs total, and kicked off 3 songs that I made specifically for this album. They were all X-Men referenced songs, s*** the song Scott Summers, didnt even make the album! (HAHA) but they not going to waste, if this album buzzes off how I expect, expect something else huge to follow” 

TPP: What can fans expect from you next? 

D-POW: “The people can expect a visual for every song…. as well as a multitude of content giving you insight on the process, some BTS, and some understanding of the lyrics as well. I feel like a 9th grader on varsity, I got shit to prove! I been spitting, but I was a gimmick to VA and to anybody really, because of my shades. I still am to some folk who not hip, so I’m fighting for my respect! I know if I present myself the way I am with this rollout consistently, as well as giving them the bars that I give, they will have no choice but to check about me. You not gone see no other rollout like this in VA except for Crazy! and remember he got D1 behind him. I got a hand made, man-made, agape love made team behind me that goes by the name of #slayENT which includes brands such as #isCool #WillThaShooterProductions & #iindigo and this is only phase1! 💜


Listen to Scott Summers here.

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