Breeze Barker Signs Joint Digital Distribution Deal

Anyone who has been apart of Hampton Roads music ascension during the last 5-7 years can attest that Portsmouth native Breeze Barker has remained one of the only artists along with frequent collaborators Young Money Yawn and Young Crazy to withstand the good and bad moments the “scene” has gone through. Breeze has weathered the storms  staying atop of the music game in the area and even expanding his market outside of just the state receiving recognition from notable global producer Timbaland along with being mentioned as one of the best up and coming artist in the area during OTHERTone Beats 1 ‘Something In The Water’ episode last week. Last week Breeze shocked everyone when he suddenly announced his signing a joint venture distribution deal to G-Man Entertainment Music Group joining fellow notable Hampton Roads rappers Ligiee and Tok Lansky. We had an opportunity to catch up with Breeze and find out the exact details of the deal, what expects to gain from the move and much more.

TPP: How does it feel to now be signed to a distribution deal?

BB: well it’s not actually A deal it’s more of a partnership we doing for my new single break the scale.. people seen sign new deal and ran with it.. but I basically needed someone’s help to help put my music on a different scale so without having to sign with anyone being that I got my own money I can use my own money and use their resources is basically what I’m doing.

TPP: What made you take this step and why G-Man Entertainment?

BB: Reason for G Man is because he always been behind 100% up or down and that’s what I need not just someone who just wanna work when u winning but somewhere who’s willing to help build and wants that same finish line goal for u as if it was for them self. 

TPP: How do you feel about being on the same team with notable artist like Ligee & Tok Lansky?

BB: Ligee and Tok are very good people and good artist but their situation and mines are totally different. I believe they are signed to G Man which I’m Not… but if things work out with this partnership I will be considering it. Depending on how things go with what we have planned first. 

TPP: What, if anything is going to be different about how you do things as an artist going forward now that you have this deal? 

BB: Everything on my end will stay the same, the music is always going to be there that was never the problem, the problem was the distribution part, marketing part.. getting to the right people and that’s why I’m dealing with G Man to give him a shot to show me something different then what others have offered . So this project will probably be my best being that I have something to prove. 

TPP: Are you working on any new material currently? If so what is it?

BB: Yes I am currently working on a mixtape, I don’t want to give too much info about but just know it’s right around the corner like literally. 

TPP: If you could go back three years would you change the way you’ve done anything with your music career? If so what would it be?

BB: If I could go back 3 years I don’t think there anything I would change is that 3 years was a learning process so I wouldn’t know what I know now. If I knew what I knew now 3 years ago I wouldn’t have really jumped out there with the music knowing how much business sided it really is . I would’ve waited and got the business side handled first. 

TPP: What words do you have for your fans and supporters?

BB: For all my supporters and fans I appreciate u sticking with me and holding me down through it all. But this next project will be my best yet so stay tuned and let’s take it to the top. 





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