Sky Welkin S/S19 ‘Transcendence’ Collection

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with lifestyle brand Sky Welkin’s CEO Derek “Skywelkin” to discuss their S/S19 ‘Transcendence’ collection.

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TPP: We noticed the name of this S/S 19 collection is “Transcendence” what exactly does that mean to Sky Welkin ?
DEREK: Transcendence means growth and expansion both physically and non physically.  When you look back at the graphics and design of our clothing you can see we are always trying to evolve and take the art and theme to new heights.
TPP: All of the garments featured in this collection seem to have an uplifting message. Is that due to something happening previously? Or Is the uplifting messages just something you guys wanted to put a focal point on this collection?
DEREK: While the brand largely centers around the thematic illustrations and cartoons Sky Welkin has become known for, it’s important to lend the theme to new ideas.  The Sky Welkin concept rests on the pillars of Originality, Truth, and Perspective.  The focus for this drop was more on “Perspective”. The mind, as a concept, has always been an intriguing topic of conversation.  MedatationOur perceptions affect our feelings and actions.  The Rorschach design (seen on several items in this collection) is an indication if this.  Psychiatrists show Rorschach ink blots to patients because they want to know HOW their patient sees, not so much what they see.  To make people feel uplifted wasn’t necessarily the goal but it’s cool if that is what people are taking away from it.  Perhaps it’s the perspective we are introducing too that is refreshing, therefore uplifting.
TPP: With a slogan like “Build As You Grow”, from the time this collection was thought of until now at its release how has Sky Welkin built and grown?
 DEREK: As a brand, I would say we have reaffirmed how diverse we are.  We can grow in any direction.  From Cardigans to puzzles, we show that we can grow by building/designing unique clothing and accessories.
TPP: Will this collection be featured in the 3rd Annual Truly Yours show next week?
DEREK: Yes it will
TPP: What is the primary message you guys want people to take from this collection?
DEREK: If anything we want people to know that your perspective is to be treasured.  What constitutes as reality is different to everyone.  Let your thoughts transcend because, at the end of the day, we all become what we think about.

The collection in its entirety will be unveiled this Saturday May 18th at the Truly Yours fashion show. Get your tickets here.

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