Mrkt & Sky Welkin collaborate on new pieces for the warmer months

If you ask anyone in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia to name their top five “lifestyle” brands more than likely two of those top five mentioned will be Mrkt and Sky Welkin. With the momentous first annual Something In The Water festival taking place this weekend it only seemed right that we catch up with the Hampton Roads native CEO of Mrkt Dawntay Boyd to discuss the backstory of the collaboration.

TPP: What was the inspiration behind the Mrkt & Sky Welkin collaboration ?

DB: “We’ve always wanted to do something together. The inspo was the love I have for freehand and contemporary art”

TPP: Was there any significance in releasing the collaboration the same weekend as the Something In The Water festival ?

DB: “Yes… there’s so much art and inspiration in the area being showcased. There will be so many other brands coming in marketing that it felt necessary local brands do the same”

TPP: Why did you choose to create shorts and a t-shirt as the pieces for this collab ?

DB: “It’s an everyday essential in the summer. I chose sweatshorts because comfortability and functionality are hot right now. I wanted pieces you can go out in or you can just lounged and chill in”

TPP: Could we expect more collaborations in the near future from Mrkt and Sky Welkin ?

DB: “Absolutely, working together can inspire you to be a better entrepreneur and business man collaborating with others”

You can purchase the collaboration while garments last here.

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