Did Hedi fail in his Celine debut ?

Earlier this year when it was announced that legendary designer Phoebe Philo of Céline would be stepping down it was a sad day for Céline and fashion lovers both worldwide. Over the last 11 years Philo had transformed the notable fashion house into a phenomenon recognizable in all cultures all over the globe mastering the art of finding the medium between casual wear and business attire for a woman with a for women by women approach. After Philo resigning it was much speculation as to who would head up the highly regarded position. Soon thereafter it was announced that legendary provocative designer Hedi Slimane whom is most known for revamping Dior Homme (mens line for Dior), Making the “skinny jean” what it is today at Saint Laurent and In the Hip-Hop community being called out by Kanye West would be taking over the ranks at Céline. It didn’t take long for Hedi to frustrate fashion lovers around the globe when he removed the accent from the é on CELINE. After receiving internet flack Hedi issued a statement saying “The new logo has been directly inspired from the original, historical version that existed in the 1960s,”

You would think that things would look up for Hedi after receiving the flack from removing the accent but Hedi then went on to wipe the all posts from the aforementioned Céline social media pages assumably gearing up for his debut. September 28th Hedi Slimane made his debut at what is now “CELINE” and for most Céline lovers as expected they were it utter dismay at what some considered a disgrace to the sought after fashion house. Displaying a total of 96 looks Hedi continued his signature style in displaying a 80’s glam and Rock & Roll feel within in all the garments. For most they felt Hedi simply made CELINE a YSL or Dior Homme revamp by what they considered as not staying true to what Céline once was. Check out the full S/S 2019 show below to form your own opinion on the collect and also check out some takes from fans and fashion notables.

“Hedi’s collection for Celine was more of the same” – Nikki Ogunnaike on elle.com

“Hedi has blown up Celine, But to what end ?” – Robin Givhan on washingtonpost.com

“Hedi Slimane rips up Celine female design philosophy at Paris show” – Jess Cartner-Morely on theguardian.com

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