Serena robbed in US Open Final ?

Serena Williams has been the talk of the US Open coming off the birth of her daughter Olympia and working towards the illustrious record of 25 Grand Slams. If things went as the story books and most fans for that matter wanted yesterday we would be talking about Serena winning her 24th Grand Slam and taking aim for her 25th soon. Unfortuantely that is not the case today after Serena was accused of cheating due to her coach giving her hand signals during her match Saturday with Naomi Osaka which caused Serena to have an emotional outburst which consisted of her slamming her racket and even explaining to the umpire that she has no reason to cheat, she stands for whats right, she wants to set an example for her daughter and numerous other commendable comments that Serena has been known to make throughout her illustrious career. The comment that landed her in hot water however was when she said the umpire owes her an apology and further going to say he is a thief which cause him to dock her a game. Overwhelmed with emotion Serena didn’t farewell the rest of the match in turn losing the the underdog Naomi Osaka. After the match however Serena went on to state that she feels that her being penalized was a form of sexism and that she will continue to speak on it. Watch the full highlights below.

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