Pusha T releases highly anticipated ‘Daytona’

Originally titled King Push, Pusha T took to twitter to announce the day before the album release that the title would be changed to Daytona and Kanye West was paying 85K to get the cover art cleared. Throughout the 7 track project the Virginia Beach native, GOOD Music president raps with numerous drug references and punch lines out of this world not to mention Kanye West didn’t do to shabby on the production side of things. There has been a lot of buzz around a line in his Infared track where he raps “The game’s fucked up, niggas’ beats is banging Nigga, ya hooks did it The lyric pennin’ equal to Trump’s winnin’ The bigger question is how the Russians did it It was written like Nas
But it came from Quentin” clearly taking shots at Drake as some speculation arose during Drakes beef with Meek Mill about Quentin Miller writing the OVO Superstar lines. Daytona seems to be nothing short of excellent check it out here now.

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