The Perfect Play Podcast Episode 005 With Grim Dave

In Episode 005 we catch up with 23 year old Virginia Beach native rapper Grim Dave. After initially signing a deal with 300 Entertainment,  Having his innagural project Designer Casket be premiered by esteemed site Fader, Jabar a lead single taking off suddenly garnering nationwide recognition with his brash lyrics and hard hitting punch lines Dave expresses to us that he isn’t happy with his previous work confirming that is the reason for him deleting most of his sounds from soundcloud. Also within the interview Dave highlights that he is fully aware of the governments subliminal messages, The state of hip hop currently with its promotion of drug usage, His brotherly relationship with DRAM, Artist he would like to work with and the public unveiling of his upcoming project features and title. Take a listen and catch up with us and Grim Dave.

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