Valee the next big artist from Chicago ?

Valee is the artist from Chicago that you don’t know of but has worked with many of your favorite artists behind the scene. Moving incognito for a little while as a producer Valee produced tracks like Travis Scotts “Goosebumps” and Schoolboy Q’s “That Part”. I know your probably thinking how has this guy slipped through the cracks of most peoples conversations when he is producing for premiere artist like Schoolboy & Travis. Although Shell served as a small breakthrough for Valee back in October 2016, A year later when he dropped I Got Whatever in October 2017 he suddenly got a co-sign from G.O.O.D Music twitter account which opened the flood gates for fans worldwide to gain interest to who this guy was. Although the relationship between the two parties is still unclear one thing is for certain Valee should be on everyones radar for 2018. Check out some of Valee’s work below.


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