BMIX returns with new track Eightball/Today

After a long break from releasing new music Bmix has returned with a new track Eightball/Today. The thought provoking lyricist from Richmond, VA captures the attention of the listener with a southern styled beat that could’ve easily been placed in the early 00’s “Dirty South” era which Bmix utterly annihilates. When we asked him about why the choice of the southern vibe & inspiration behind the song he replied “I was just listening to a lot of southern music and found that beat then I just went for it honestyly and as far as the inspiration I wanted to make something about going through things while still keeping it simple and straightforward”. When discussing his elongated break from music since New Edition Bmix added “I just been looking for a way to rap about what I want for a while because the game is changing so much everyday I decided to take my time with it”. Check out Eightball/Today below.

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