Tremaine Emory shares his thoughts on Virgil Abloh’s OFF White/Nike collaboration

Tremaine Emory better known by his social media handle “Denim Tears” is no stranger to the who’s who in the music/fashion world. Tremaine is the sole owner of his label denim tears, co-owner of multipurpose group No Vacancy Inn with long time friend and DJ Acyde and Regularly spotted with the likes of ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari, Kanye West and Heron Preston just to name a few. Today however SHOWstudio released a 8minute visual clip where Tremaine shares his thoughts on friend Virgil Abloh’s OFF White/Nike collaboration. On the surface one would think “ok this is just another sneaker review”, Tremaine however decides to dig a bit deeper in elaborating on why he likes the specific details of the shoe, How in depth Virgil went into designing the shoe and the “Mom Smiles” comment Virgil wrote on his own personal shoe and what it means.


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