Kingpins bring something different to the VA table with “Laying Low”

From the 754 to the 757, Fist Records/Humblelivin Recordings are introducing the Florida & VA connect to the 7 cities. Con$piracy, a local from Lambert’s Point, and Greyhound, local from Fort Lauderdale, link up to create “Laying Low,” a track produced by Def Street, gives the listener cool lines with an even colder sound attached. The visuals depict a good sense of unity between the two different types, something that KingPins specialize in on their recent project. The rap group has plans to push the Florida to Virginia movement with their latest project, “KingPins2: Welcome to Fort Norfolk.”
Watch the video here as well as streaming KingPins new project, “KingPins2: Welcome to Fort Norfolk,” here. This is a Perfect Play premiere. 

by: Kori Wiggins 

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  1. I listened to there mixtape multiple times, can’t deny the chemistry, the mixture of two different sounds balance out effortless.

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