Joyner Lucas Lullaby

Atlantic Records signee Joyner Lucas has released his major-label debut “508-507-2209” and gets very sentimental on his track “Lullaby.” Joyner Lucas is a Massachusetts rapper that recently signed to Atlantic Records September of 2016 and has made some buzz to his name since then. With hit songs such as I’m Sorry, Keep It 100 and Just like You, Lucas clearly has the story telling aspect in his bars. In his song Lullaby, Lucas speaks through the perspective of a female reflecting on her past relationships and addictions, and how they have evolved.

​Lucas tells a story throughout the song speaking on the women’s relationship with her mother, abusive boyfriend, and a heroin addiction. Lyrics such as “I wonder if you often think about what you became, do you ever wonder if you ever truly changed?” make the theme of the song stick to its self-reflection sound. And a quite catchy hook, similar to a lullaby, make this track something to kick back and smoke to.

​With lyrical prowess and very deep and ingenious visuals, Joyner Lucas is placing his stamp as one of the original and talented MC’s of this generation. Take a listen to the story Lucas delivers on Lullaby here.

by: Kalin Wiggins

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