Metro has ‘No Complaints’ with his new single

Young Metro supplies another hit with his new single No Complaints, an alleged single from the mega producer’s upcoming album Boominati, featuring Offset & Drake. With production by Metro himself, the beat gives a cool, melo hype sound to the listener. The perfect track to start your night out, with lyrics showcasing braggadocios bars and wealthy words.

Offset delivers the cocky bars throughout the hook and compliments it with the same Offset heat from previous projects. With lines such as “I wanna be Muhhamad Ali, Hang on the ropes and I beat you to sleep,” mentioning Ali’s ‘Rope-A-Dope’ technique during his famous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ fight, where he tired out his opponent, George Foreman, before knocking him out.

Drake’s verse begins with an ode to his yester years of desire to soon after acquiring the same desires. The Toronto superstar experienced his rise to popularity at the age of 23 due to his decision to sign to Young Money Entertainment and the release of his 3rd and well renowned mixtape, So Far Gone. And his verse doesn’t fall short with his mentioning of accolades. “Billboard where I play, They welcome me I overstay,” a mention to the rapper’s grip on the Billboard chart’s Hot 100 since May 2009 until now. Stream Here

By: Kori Wiggins 

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