‘Fuck Ni**a’

Young Crazy has been crowned the “GOAT” by many if not all rap fans in the Virginia, A nickname he gave himself originally however now it is sticking not to mention he has clearly made himself into the most reputable artist in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Crazy has linked up with nearly every budding artist that you would know out of the area however this time he connects with a new artist named Foreign Gwalla. Judging from the end of the QuaBeats directed visual where Foreign Gwalla reps ‘Stoney Point’ which is the same neighborhood Young Crazy has been known to rep throughout his career the two go back further than just this collaboration. Young Crazy delivers his usual hard hitting bars and clever punch lines as Gwalla provides a different flow with a raspy yet catchy voice. As Young Crazy continues to ascend to the top, Gwalla is definitely someone we are watching to see whats next. Watch ‘Fuck Ni**a’ below.


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