The Red Truth

In today’s day and age sexual assault is often seen as a taboo and shied away from instead of being spoken on and brought to the attention of people. Recently, 20 year old Nathan Croslin from Chesapeake strayed from that standard and created a photo series featuring 7 different artists focusing on sexual assault and those affected by it. Together he and the artists are raising money for the HERshelter in Portsmouth and holding events through the rest of April. For more information and to send donations Nathan can be reached via twitter and instagram at: @Midnightgeist.

The artists interviewed for the project consist of musicians, clothing designers, models, writers and more. Each artist was interviewed on the topic and how they feel about certain aspects of it then photographed. Nathan began getting into photograpy about a year ago and has found his focus in concept photography (more of which can also be found on his social media. Below each artist involved is pictured and the entire series can be viewed at


Ahmad Davis




Petra Rich


Lynica Berry


Conscious Kane


Era Hardaway


Demontaz Brown


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