‘Bonne Nuit’


Bonne Nuit translated ‘Good Night’ in English is a 2minute short film courtesy of the VASM Collective based in Virginia. The film sees lead actress Marychris Mistica traveling through a colonial neighborhood smoking a cigarette wearing a long leopard print coat as the classical music plays the scenery  transitions to Marychris starting to seemingly fall into deep thought and eventually finding herself in a isolated room screaming, sitting in a corner and staring blankly at the camera. Soon thereafter the music comes to an abrupt pause and the camera finds Marychris once again back in the colonial neighborhood with a more calmed look on her face smoking a cigarette. Check the Bonne Nuit visual out below now.

BONNE NUIT (c) 2017
Starring: Marychris Mistica
Directed by: VASM
Director of Photography: Nykoi Potts
Camera Operator: Nykoi Potts
Edited by: VASM
Color / Post by: VASM

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