Truly Yours VA Recap.

Last Friday Zeke from rising brand Sky Welkin put together an event paying homage to Virginia creatives at Granby Theatre in Norfolk VA. The event titled “Truly Yours” featured brands such as Made In Norfolk, Trapvilla, Shwim, Almght, RandomObjectGallery and Sky Welkin. Rappers Era Hardaway & Amir Driver graced the stage also with performances during there brands piece in the show.

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We also had a chance to ask Zeke a few questions about putting this event together.

TPP: What inspired you to have the ‘Truly Yours VA’ event ?

Zeke: At the surface, Truly Yours, VA was about bringing together like minded creatives & brands in order to combine all the noise we were making individually and form like voltron to plant our flag in the city.
Personally, Truly Yours, VA was a thank you to my own past & foundation in the area. The name itself is meant to be read like a signature for the end of a letter. Yes, the event was meant to spark conversation about the hard work the brands put forth, but it is also an internal conversation within about trying to figure if the ends will justify the means during this pursuit of success. So for anybody questioning those means this was truly yours..

TPP: What has the reception been like thus far from your attendees ?

Zeke: The reception was way better than I expected considering I wanted the event to be even bigger and better than it was. I’m very grateful for everybody that came out and supported. If anything, we shot for the stars and landed in the moon. Which is cool because  the overall goal was to elevate both the audience and everyone that was involved

TPP: What can we expect from you going forward ?

Zeke: Moving forward with Sky Welkin, I want to continue exposing the brand in other areas of course but the real satisfaction comes when I get to do cool shit like this at home. Probably do another Labor (flavour) Day cookout this year which   had the same concept both years, bringing together the talent in the city and showcasing it for all willing to come out and support. Both years it was free I just wanted to create a platform for those who out here grinding for theirs. I should probably start making it known that we did this shit first though. Most ppl don’t know that we been doin shit like this for years now because I don’t try to attach it to our name but rather just get the area in the habit of being down with cool shit. Shit really for the culture, off the humble and that’s just how I am but I don’t want that hard work to be accredited to anyone else who just duplicated the end result as opposed to the real life experiences that create inspiration behind these events. So as life keeps happening I’ll keep finding stuff to do lol you live until you die & build as you grow.

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Photos Courtesy Of: Toni A. Walker


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