Treez Lowkey releases “Fire Truck”

Budding rapper Treez Lowkey has been raising eyebrows over the past few months releasing hit tracks like ‘Joy Ride’ and ‘Not At All’ while also posting pictures on instagram in the studio with Asap Rocky & Key!

Not to mention Treez Lowkey also used the hashtag “#cozytapescomingsoon” and “#AWGE” could this be hinting that Treez is soon to be apart of ASAP Rocky’s AWGE label or even a close collaborator with the group ? Only time will tell.

However yesterday Treez released a new track along with a visual titled “Fire Truck” which sees Treez rapping his vibrant energetic lyrics repeating “Fire Truck Fire Truck, Bitch My Pack Loud Like A Fire Truck”  to a hard hitting beat that he produced himself. One thing is for certain Treez has a hit on his hand with this one that could be a track heard on the regular soon. Check it out below.

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