“Black Fist // Black Face”

In the wake of continued police brutality upon African American men Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile this week, along with the Policemen being shot and killed during protest in Dallas, Texas it has sent the country into a uproar. Conscious Kane 22 year old rapper from Hampton, Virginia took it upon himself to release a track titled “Black Fist // Black Face”. “Black Fist // Black Face” speaks about the continued struggle of African American’s in America along with the history of African American people. Conscious Kane speaks from a perspective to evoke peace by trying to let African American’s know their history along with giving a outcry to America about his point of view being a African American man and at the end of the track even giving a short spoken word message. Listen to the track below.

Twitter: @ConsciousKane

Instagram: @conscioussteez

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